Publication Month : May

Journal on Cloud Computing, Framework and Policies publishes carefully refereed research, review and survey papers which offer a significant contribution to the computer science literature, and which are of interest to a wide audience. Coverage extends to all main-stream branches of computer science and related applications.

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  • Aspect Oriented Programming
  • Bio-Metrics
  • Client-Cloud Computing Challenges
  • Cloud Computing Programming and Application Development
  • Cloud Economics
  • Cloud Technologies
  • Core Cloud Services
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Mining
  • Data-as-a-Service
  • DNA Computing
  • E-Learning/ E-Governance
  • Gaming Models
  • Geographical Constraints for Deploying Clouds
  • Green Computing
  • Grid Computing
  • Hardware-As-A-Service
  • High Performance Computing
  • Knowledge Management & Ontology
  • Nano Computing
  • On-Demand Computing Models
  • Pervasive Computing
  • Platform-As-Service
  • Quantum Computing
  • Scalability, Discovery of Services and Data in Cloud Computing Infrastructures
  • Semantic Web
  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Soft Computing
  • Software Engineering / Metrics / Testing
  • Software-As-A-Service [SaaS Applications]
  • Storage As a Service in Cloud
  • Trust and Clouds