Publication Month : December

International Journal on Mechanics publishes carefully refereed research, review and survey papers which offer a significant contribution to the computer science literature, and which are of interest to a wide audience. Coverage extends to all main-stream branches of computer science and related applications.

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  • Computational Methods for Advanced Composites
  • Computing Methods In Mechanics
  • Contact Mechanics
  • Continuum Mechanics
  • Fracture Mechanics And Damage
  • Gasdynamic Interactions
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Mathematics and the Atmospheric Sciences
  • Mechanics of Continua
  • Modelling In Solid And Fluid Mechanics
  • Modelling of Industrial Processes
  • Non-Newtonian And Electrorheological Fluids
  • Numerical Analysis and Mathematical Modelling
  • Numerical Analysis of Thin Structures
  • Ocean Dynamics
  • Optimal Control Problems
  • Partial and Ordinary Differential Equations and Applications
  • Phase Transition And Strain Localization
  • Problems In Porous Media
  • Random Materials And Smart Materials
  • Real and Complex Analysis
  • Shock Waves And Related Topics
  • Singular Integral and Pseudodifferential Equations
  • Soil And Rock Mechanics
  • Thermodynamics And Heat Transfer
  • Turbulence And Related Topics