Publication Month : November

International Journal on IoT and Big Data publishes carefully refereed research, review and survey papers which offer a significant contribution to the computer science literature, and which are of interest to a wide audience. Coverage extends to all main-stream branches of computer science and related applications.

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  • Applications of the Internet of Things
  • Applications Of The Iot And Cloud Computing (Logistic Applications, Production Guidance, Energy Optimization And Monitoring
  • Architectures For Iot/Cloud
  • Big Data Innovation: Driving Business Success
  • Business Problems and Driving Innovation Through Analytics
  • Communication Systems in Internet of Things
  • Data Processing in Internet Of Things
  • Data Sharing and IoT
  • Hadoop’s Role in the Data – Driven Enterprise
  • Information Management In Internet Of Things
  • Information Systems And Communication Technologies For Iot/Cloud
  • Innovative Solutions For Complex Data And Application Integration Challenges
  • Internet Protocols
  • Interoperability and Interaction Of Devices/Objects
  • Investments that will Influence Our Future – Big Data Technology
  • Locating and tracking of objects in internet of things
  • Modeling, verification and validation approaches for IoT/Cloud
  • Network Infrastructures In Internet Of Things
  • Security and Privacy in Internet of things
  • Security and Privacy In Iot
  • Service Operations And Management
  • Simulation Driven Statistical Methods For Knowledge Discovery And Forecasting
  • Smart and Connected Devices
  • Standards for an Internet of Things
  • Tracking and Traceability Of Objects
  • Universal Models For Financial Stability